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August InSight 2020

How Safe is Flying Today?

Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Aviation has understandably been a focal point of the pandemic - its global spread was made possible by infected people traveling the world.  But to what extent does the flight itself represent a risk?  We review the science and dispel some myths regarding the risk of spread on today's modern aircraft.


Travel Ideas

The traditional leisure trips you've taken in the past might not be something you're able or interested in doing currently, but there is still huge value in getting away from home and work for a change of scenery.

A few creative ideas for getaways during the Covid era include:

  • RV Vacations - Luxury RV rentals that allow a small family to have an all-in-one vacation experience. 
  • National Parks - The wide open spaces of our National Parks provide ample opportunity for distancing and allow you to explore natural wonders that may be closer than you think
  • Mulit-family Bubble Travel - A small number of families that are in the same bubble at home (often based on kids that play together) can vacation together utilizing the same transportation, accommodation and facilities.

For more ideas, or to book a trip, reach out to our team.


Making Meetings Work

We've previously written about ways to make the most of virtual meetings. While this summer has given most workers an opportunity to be more comfortable with that technology, two issues persist: Some people are still resistant to showing themselves on camera and the increasing evidence of virtual meeting fatigue. Pair those with the long established research on the increased sales effectiveness of in-person meetings and many companies are eager to find a way to get back to business meetings.

[See this great anecdotal story about a face-to-face meeting during Covid]

However, not everyone is ready to get back to full in-person meetings.  Some organizations are embracing hybrid meetings: a mixture of in-person meetings (with distancing) supplemented by additional participants joining by phone/video. 

Generally, a key or senior sales person will meet in person with the decision-maker at a client.  This allows for the building of relationships, post-meeting meals and greater opportunity to read body language.  Additional participants joining virtually could include someone running a product demo or answering technical questions. 

This is far from a perfect model, but allows business to proceed while limiting the number of people interacting in person.