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May InSight 2020

What Will Happen to My Loyalty Program Status?


Over the past 2 months, we have watched travel grind to a halt as our world focussed on more important things - health, safety and for some people, survival.

Now that a return to travel is on the horizon, some travelers are beginning to remember those items that used to be high on their priority lists.  For many frequent travelers, that includes their loyalty status with their preferred airline, hotel or car rental supplier.

In all likelihood, you have an email from that supplier updating you on the status - but it may have gotten lost in the hundreds of "Here's what we're doing in response to Covid" emails that everyone received.  Our Uniglobe experts will give you a brief overview of the loyalty status extentions and adjustments from the major suppliers.


Virtual Tour - Zion National Park

As we continue our series of virtual tours to remind travelers of the some of the planet's greatest destinations, we are going to shift to locations closer to home. The country is slowly begining to re-open, so we want to remind travelers of the majestc sites within our borders.

Take this virtual tour of Zion National Park, one of the most popular and scenic National Parks.  

Enjoy the virtual trip, but know that there is nothing like being there in person. And with Zion partially re-opening on May 13, that visit could be sooner than you imagined..


PPE Vending Machines in Las Vegas Airport


In what is a sign of the times, and most certainly a sign of things to come, Las Vegas Airport recently had several PPE vending machines installed.

The machines sell masks, gloves, hand santizers and alcohol wipes. The selection includes re-useable masks for $14.50 and KN95 disposable masks for $8.25. The other products range from $4.25 to $6.50.

Several airlines now mandate or strongly encourge mask use while on board, so we expext these vending machines to appear in airports across the country in short order.