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April InSight 2020

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Meetings


The business travel industry was valued at approximately $1.4 trillion globally in 2019. The industry is so large because face-to-face meetings are simply more valuable and effective than calls and videos. But that doesn’t apply during these extraordinary times. While those that are used to traveling to in-person meetings adjust to life behind a computer, we’re here to help.  

Beyond the technical issues of muting your mic and testing your connection, we get into the personal issues of getting the most from your virtual meetings.


Virtual Tour - Machu Picchu

There is nothing like being there!  That applies to most of the great sites of the world, but these days, it applies to almost any place outside our homes.

While travel is heavily restricted, we wanted to help people remember the beauty of the world, through virtual tours of some of the planet's greatest destinations. 

Take this virtual tour of Machu Picchu to discover the great Inca Citadel.  

Enjoy the virtual trip, but know that there is nothing like being there in person.  When travel resumes, we'll be there to help you discover these amazing sites in person.


Avoiding the Touchscreens at US Customs & Immigration


When travel returns to normal, many passengers will be more concious of those things that they come in contact with throughout the journey.  One common item is touchscreen kiosks - these are used at airline check-in and at passport control, among other places.  Most travelers know that airline check-in can typically be accomplished on your personal devices on the airline app or website, but there is also a similar way to avoid the US Customs kiosks as well.

About 5 years ago, US Customs & Border Protection launched the Mobile Passport Control app.  The app replaces the questions and process that would typically occur on the kiosks at most major airports.  Once completed, the app displays a QR bar code which the traveler shows the CBP agent, along with their passport.

Note that the app does not work for those using Global Entry.

Get the app at the Google Play or Apple App stores.