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October InSight 2019

The Environment and Airline Travel


During September 2019, much of the world’s attention was focussed on the environment – centered around the UN Climate Action Summit were numerous other events including a series of international climate strikes. During any conversation about climate change and emissions, aviation is typically a focal point. What is the real environmental impact of flying, and what can we do about it?  

Read on for information, background and actions related to your flights and the environment. 


United MileagePlus Never Expire


United recently changed their Mileage Plus policies so that miles never expire. Previously, if an account did not have activity for 18 months, an accountholder would lose all accrued miles. Now, the miles never expire allowing you more flexibility to build up the points towards a trip.

Delta’s SkyMiles program already had a similar policy in which miles never expire. Programs from American and Alaska do have mileage expiration.


Use Google Timeline to Track Your Movement

Many people rely on Google Maps for addresses, routes and more. For those that have enabled the Timeline feature, it can track your movements throughout the day. This includes places you’ve visited such as stores and restaurants. While this may feel a little creepy (and it kinda is), it can also be very useful.


When completing expense reports after a trip, you may have a hard time remembering where you went and what you spent. For example, you may have a simple receipt from a store that doesn’t identify the name or product. Looking at your Google Timeline will show you where you were that day, which can help in identifying unknown expenses or receipts.

To enable this, go into Google Maps. Choose Timeline from the menu – if its not enabled, follow the prompts to do so.